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Engaging, Encouraging & Equipping our Church Family.


Fellowship is organized through the spiritual leadership of a team of Elders. Our elders share the responsibility of spiritual care and leadership.

Johnny Best

What's up? I'm Johnny and I married my best friend Janice and we have three beautiful girls Jalyse, Jocelyn and Joelle.

Chad Foerster

I'm Chad and I married the love of my life Jill. We have two kids, Josh and Allison.

Jan Suarez

Hello, my name is Jan (pronounced John). I married my school sweetheart Caroline and we have 3 adult children and one grandson.

Charles Helms

Hi, I'm Charles. I married the most incredible person ever, Molly.


Deacons and Deaconesses at Fellowship head up and lead each of our ministry teams. They are known as Team Leaders.

Eric Counts

Hi, I'm Eric. I'm married to Bernadette and we have two awesome kids, Antoinette and Elliot!

Gavin Austria

Worship Team

Hi. I'm Gavin and married to Sarah. We have a little stud named Elijah.

Carol Suarez

Prayer Team

Hello. I'm Caroline and thank God for my husband Jan, three kids and my handsome grandson Mason!

Molly Helms

Finance Team
Hi there. I'm Molly and I'm married to Charles.

Jessie Tonnegato

Kids Team

Hello, I'm Jessie. Married to Dave and three kids Vanessa, Joshua and Miranda.

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Women Team

Our Women's Team consists of Carol, Janice, Jenny, Juliann and Sheeba.

John Cook

Mens Team
John here. Married to Sheeba and we have two adult sons.

Mark Feeney

Outreach Team

Hi there,  I'm Mark. I'm married to Sarah and we have three boys. 

Venice Diaz

Tidy Team
Hello, I'm V. Married to JR and we have three girls.

Gail Bachtal

Missions Team

Hello. My name is Gail. I'm passionate about serving the Lord and His mission.